Dear colleagues,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the web page annual ISoP symposium in Prague 2015.
 Drug safety is one of the challenges of health care workers (physicians, pharmacists, nurse); drug agencies, scientific organization, universities, state authorities and pharmaceutical industry.
The harm can occur due to properties and/or wrong use of medicine.
To know more about medicine (benefits and risks) we need time, a good valid system and clever professionals because the medicine meet with different no-tested population groups after lunching  and so we can receive in this period more exact information about drugs.
Behavior of health care workers and patients can create risks as well. Drug non-compliance of drugs, wrong information about patients and their disease, bad knowledge about properties – elimination and contraindication and a non-appropriate risk management in pharmacotherapy can cause harm as well.
Pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacovigilance develop different methods to discover different risk factors. It is a hard job because we have data from the real world and it is risk of false interpretation and to find false causality and association. This false positive association between exposition of drugs and any new risk doesn’t decrease patient safety but reduces availability of this particular medicine, which can cause some trouble for some particular groups of patients.
Team work and an education of health care workers are crucial. We need to learn how to be vigilant, which tools to use to fill databases for creating signal, what the principles of risk management are.
Why is it good that Czech Republic, Prague, Charles University and Czech pharmaceutical society will host the ISoP symposium for the first time.
Czech Republic was one of the pioneer countries  who started to develop spontaneous reporting adverse drug reaction  system of WHO (thanks of two pharmacologists  - prof. J Vanecek and prof. Z. Fink from State Institute of Drug Control).
Charles University at Prague, Faculty of Pharmacy developed pharmacoepidemiology as one of the first countries in Central Europe (from 1998 and 2001 lecture of Prof. A.Hartzemain Prague).It is  teaching clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical care and special lecture regarding risk management in pharmacotherapy and patient safety for about 10 years.
Czech pharmaceutical society – section of clinical pharmacy (Czech medical association JEPurkyne) developed clinical pharmacy and role of clinical pharmacists in pharmacovigilance system from 1980.
Prague is a nice destination and is attractive for tourists – it’s a good chance to join increasing professional networking in the area of pharmacovigilance and to recognize the beauties of the Czech capital. Those who visited Prague usually like to come back again.
We invite specialists (mainly central European countries) to join us and to analyze possibilities in patient safety (we believe that one topic will be the role of pharmacist in pharmacovigilance). Maybe a web site can help as tool for a discussion on how to improve patient safety in Central Europe, how to teach it and maybe we can find some financial support (Vishegrad fund etc.) to promote participation in ISoP 2015. It is a chance to create any research group for some ecological study as well.
We will inform you about the preparations of the program on our website. We will inform you about the history and present of patient safety research and practice in the Czech Republic and Central Europe and we will try to invite specialists to write short articles - updates in pharmacovigilance and in pharmacoepidemiology. The website will be a good place to inform you about the Czech Republic as well.

Jiří Vlček


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