Always stay up to date to the current scenario

Always stay up to date to the current scenario

Everything you require to utilize an expert player’s config is a downloadable record of their config document. We have the configs of an entire pack of expert CS GO players prepared to download, so on the off chance that you need to use (for instance) s1mple’s settings, simply go to his player page and snap ‘config’ and your download should start consequently.

Before you start this cycle we prescribe you to make a reinforcement envelope for your own config; we like to put this on the work area, obviously this is totally up to you. To put it on the work area on the money according to cfg cs go 2019, click a vacant space, and snap ‘New’ – > ‘Organizer’. When you have a reinforcement envelope prepared you’re good to go.

  • Download the config of the player that you need.
  • Open the compressed record with your favored program.
  • Go to your Steam envelope (this is normally in ‘Neighborhood Disk (C:)’) and afterward explore to ‘Program Files (x86)’ – > ‘Steam’ – > ‘userdata’ – > YOURSTEAMID (this is a lot of numbers that compares with your own Steam ID number) – > ‘730’ – > ‘nearby’ – > ‘cfg’.

Spot your old config.cfg record in your reinforcement organizer.

Spot the downloaded config in the cfg map. On the off chance that it isn’t as of now named ‘config.cfg’ you should right snap it and rename it so it says precisely ‘config.cfg’.

A ton of the occasions, it seems that CS GO players generally the upgraded one who looks for cs go config professional related, which implies that they will duplicate configs from realized expert players believing that they have some mysterious formula in it.

That is it! To return to your own config simply eliminate the downloaded config and supplant it with the config record you set in the reinforcement envelope.