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Know about the recent changes in the ESEA ranking system!

If you want to become a professional gamer, then you must have heard of ESEA. If you are also planning to participate in such tournaments, then you need to know about the new ranking system introduced by ESEA. Will these changes affect you in any manner? Most of the gamers will be affected by these changes because hidden elo will be removed to sort all games. This system will make gamers get into matches that don’t match their actual skills.

The players would be able to play games according to their ranks in the new esea rank system. The players will be able to change this system as per their parameters. The new players would have to play certain placement matches if they want to earn some rank. The inactive players might find decay in their ranks. The pathway of Rank S is changed and another Rank G is also introduced. Professional gamers are in favor of this new system because it helps to find out the best players in tournaments.

There will be limited players in Rank G and the players will need to earn 6 points to win and 4 points to lose. The famous players from Rank G would move to the Rank S monthly. The players who will demote will be removed from Rank S. The beginners can learn the new strategies and tactics of their favorite game from the experienced gamers. This would help them to get ahead in the ranking system and it would be interesting to fight with the players of different countries. If you are passionate about gaming, then this ranking system won’t create any issues for you.

What about the top players?

As per the esea rank system, the top fifty players of the A+ group will be moved to G monthly. The people who are at the bottom group would have to go to A+ rank. The players of Rank A+ would be divided according to their loss and win records. The maps and teams are also selected randomly in Rank G. The premiere teams that won’t be in Rank S will get an invitation from Rank G. This is a large step taken by ESEA and it won’t have any negative effect on the gamers. So, if you are also planning to play games in the ESEA tournaments or matches, then you should start preparing for it.